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Secure clients and begin projects faster with engaging, easy-to-create proposals and estimates.

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Often, the hardest part about a project is landing the project in the first place. Proposals is designed to help you turn interested people into paying customers by sending them clean, modern explanations of your services, solution, estimated cost, and next steps.

Build it your way

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Screenshot of a copywriting proposal put together by a freelancer with a quill logo and a pen and book background imageScreenshot of a website redesign proposal put together by a freelancer with a logo, desk plant, and laptop photo in the background

Two templates, three options

A Proposal template and an Estimate template give you the ability to configure your document a few different ways.

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Just a proposal

By using the drag ’n’ drop text, timeline, and image blocks, tell a story about how you propose to tackle your potential client’s project needs.

screenshot of tispr's proposal toolscreenshot of tispr's proposal tool showing an estimate
Proposal with an estimate

Create a combined proposal + estimate document to outline all the details of the project’s problem, solution, and expected cost.

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Just an estimate

Already discussed the project and just need to provide an estimate? No sweat. Send a simple estimate from which you can create an invoice upon approval.

Power in the approval

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Get a thumbs-up in record time

You can require an e-signature to have your proposals and estimates approved. Or, if you want to make things really simple, you can just require the simple click of an approval button. It’s your call.

Screenshots showing tispr's e-signature functionality for proposals and contractsA Tispr Proposal signature element being dragged onto a proposal
Screenshot of an estimate created on tispr's proposal tool Image Alt-tag Tracking Image Alt-tag Tracking 100% 10  Screenshot of an estimate created on tispr's proposal tool Comment created      		  Screenshot of an estimate created on tispr's proposal tool
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Estimates + Invoices = payment bliss

The moment your proposals and estimates are approved, the system can automatically create a new invoice for you. Imagine how much that’ll speed up your admin work!

Keep an eye on the status of your proposals

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