Free Contract templates for freelancers

With our contracts tool, you'll be able to effortlessly draft, send and sign contracts online... your lawyer is going to hate us.

Customizable templates

Use the custom templates to quickly create nondisclosure or consulting agreements that you can apply to any kind of work. Easily send contracts to multiple parties at once and collect all of the signatures you need to begin a project.


Manage your contracts

View all your contracts in one place, and filter by start and end dates, rate, or clients. Track the status of a contract, and get notifications when it’s been signed. Share, download or duplicate contracts, from your dashboard.

Store your e-signature

Your signature is securely stored in the contracts tool, so it’s convenient to sign a document and move it along.


Use Contracts with all your clients

Even if the people you’re working with aren’t on Tispr, they can still easily access and sign documents.