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Contracts can be daunting. They don't need to be.

Send lawyer-vetted contracts to your clients in minutes.

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Dora Jensen, CCO
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Legally vetted.
Lawyer and worry free.

Choose from a variety of vocation-specific contract templates you can customize and apply to your work. There's also an available Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a custom option for when you'd like to use a contract your lawyer made for you.

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Contract templates
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    Consulting Agreement
  • Designer
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    Search Engine Optimization
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    Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
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    Custom (create your own)

“From a legal standpoint, Tispr Contracts is really awesome. Love the fact that there’s already legal contracts on there that are premade!”

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Elijah Byrd
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Easy for you. Effortless for your clients.

The contracts you send to your clients land in their email inbox—they don’t need to create a Tispr account. You can even send to multiple parties at once, so you can get all the approvals you need to begin a project.

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Easily monitor the status of your contracts, from draft to acceptance

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Leave a lasting impression. In seconds.

Sign your contracts using our built-in e-signature feature or upload your own signature file for safe storage and quick reusability.

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Always included

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