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SWOT Analyses & Templates

Emily Schmidt
Emily Schmidt

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One great tool for freelancers can use for themselves personally or professionally are SWOT analyses. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It is a technique that is used in many ways – identifying companies competitive position, helping with individual career growth, or leveraging for your clients. In this article we will look at SWOT analyses for businesses, but any of these templates can be applied for different use cases. 

Internal Factors

Strengths and weaknesses are made of what’s happening in a company internally. Every company will have its own unique strengths and weaknesses. The internal factors are able to be influenced by changes made within the organization, where opportunities and threats are not able to be changed.


Strengths are the internal advantages a company has over its competitors and other organizations. These are powers and strong points of the organization. These can be company’s resources, man power, strong management, distribution channel or any competitive edge.


Weaknesses are the part of the organization where the company is lacking. These are the points which needed to be improved. It can be any deficiencies like lack of funds, quality issues, employee’s motivations, poor marketing etc. 

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External Factors

Opportunities and threats are external changes and obstacles that are prevailing in the market. These are the same for all companies in a specific market or industry. It is up to the company to find opportunities and diminish threats.


Opportunities are the market or industry conditions which turns out to be beneficial for the organization. These can be any unexplored niche, any new government policy, any new technology or any distribution facility ease.


Threats are obstacles which will negatively affect the organization. It can be any external circumstances which could harm the current position. It can be changes in technology, tax imposition, import increase or export decrement, change in demand or consumer behavior etc.

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Templates of SWOT Analysis for Freelancer 

Below we’ve included a lot of different templates for you to use for business or personal use. Click the links below to be directed to Google Docs and make a copy of the template.

Click here to get this SWOT Template in Google Slides

Click here to get the SWOT Matrix Template in Google Slides

Click here to get this SWOT Analysis Template in Google Slides

Click here to get this SWOT Analysis Template


Click here to get this SWOT Analysis Template in Google Sheets

SWOT Analysis Strategic Template

Click here to get the SWOT Analysis Strategic Template in Google Sheets

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SWOT Analysis & Competitors Analysis

This template gives the option to do SWOT Analysis and competitors analysis simultaneously. In this the consultant has to identify and note down the strengths and weaknesses of his organization and competitors, then identify opportunities and threats. 

Click here to get the SWOT & Competitor Analysis in Google Sheets

SWOT Analysis Pyramid

Click here to get the SWOT Pyramid in Google Docs

Business SWOT Analysis

Click here get the Business SWOT Template in Google Docs 

SWOT Analysis Matrix

Click here to get the SWOT Analysis Matrix in Google Docs 

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