At tispr, we strongly believe in the sharing of ideas and open communication, however please remember every individual on the platform can have an effect on others. Always be polite, appropriate, and respectful in everything you do within the tispr community – from the content of your profile, offers, requests and messages to your postings on our social media platforms and conduct at our events.

Keep the community strong: Each of us is a vital component of the tispr community, and we expect all members to act in accordance with our guidelines. Please encourage all others on the platform to do the same, and alert us if a community member is ever in violation of the policies we’ve set.

Respect each other as professionals and human beings: tispr functions expressly as a freelance marketplace and is not a dating or paid companion service.

Maintain professionalism throughout tispr: Any solicitation or sharing of others’ private information could lead to your dismissal from the platform.


We are dedicated to creating a strong network of tisprs who collaborate and fulfill all commitments in a competent, timely, and professional manner.

Represent yourself accurately: Your profile should adequately reflect who you are and what you have to offer. Any accounts that are deliberately misleading will be removed from the platform.

Set clear expectations for your offers and requests: Only accept projects that you have the time, qualifications, and capabilities to fulfill. As a customer, please set the scope of work clearly beforehand and submit payment in a timely manner.

Communicate regularly and appropriately: We encourage you to talk openly throughout the process of work and respond quickly to questions and messages. Always communicate in a professional manner.


tispr is an inclusive community that encourages anyone with a skill or anyone in need of a service to join. The platform encompasses a wide variety of categories including Creative, Performing Arts, Lifestyle, Business, Technology, Home, and Education. We do not allow any behaviors that harm the tispr community.

Respect other members: Harassment of any kind, including but not limited to racial or religious discrimination is strictly prohibited on the tispr app.

Never promote, support, or glorify hatred: You may not prompt others to engage in violent or illegal activity.

Please remember nothing goes live on tispr without first being reviewed by one of our team members, so help them help you by consistently sticking to these policies. To ensure an authentic and transparent tispr experience, we never edit or alter any of our community members’ content. Thanks to you, we can continue to keep tispr the safest place to connect, collaborate and work for the millions of independent professionals who need a home!

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