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sign that advertises freelance product management jobs for hire

Where can I find freelance product management jobs?

Scott BedgoodScott Bedgood
Scott Bedgood
Scott Bedgood

There’s something liberating about breaking free from the 9-to-5 grind. Becoming your own boss, doing the work you want to do, and doing it when and where you want.

Nevertheless, the decision to branch out on your own and get started freelancing should not be taken lightly, because growing your freelance product management business doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and dedication to build a client base and find the right jobs.

Finding the best freelance jobs can be as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Network, network, network
  2. Become a member of freelancer platforms
  3. Browse online job boards

Here’s a closer look at where you can find the right freelance product management jobs to build your client base.

Professional Networking

(Digital) Industry Networking Events

COVID-19 may throw a wrench on in-person networking events for the foreseeable future, but getting face time with potential clients, colleagues, or mentors is key to building your personal professional brand. Here’s a comprehensive list of annual product management conferences


For freelancers, networking is the name of the game when it comes to establishing a healthy pool of clientele, which is why you’d be hard pressed to find a successful freelance product management professional who isn’t engaged on LinkedIn. Connect with some of the top hiring managers in your niche, publish or share related content on topics such as strategy and development, and apply instantly for freelance jobs. 


Facebook may be a more casual social networking platform but it’s social networking nonetheless! With an astonishing 223 million users in the United States alone, Facebook is not a stone to leave unturned when seeking freelance product management jobs. Joining interest groups related specifically to product management, such as product strategy and product development, is a great way to connect with potential clients, search available contracts in your area, or post your resume and portfolio using strategic hashtags to gain the right attention.

Freelancing Platforms

The emergence of digital freelancing platforms makes it easier than ever to bid on jobs or connect with potential clientele. A couple popular options are:


Short for top talent, TopTal is a freelancing platform specific to software developers, designers, finance experts, project managers, and you guessed it, product managers. Flex those product strategy and product development skills with contracts from leading brands such as Airbnb, Bridgestone, and Shopify. 


Growing your freelance product management career is easy with the support of Upwork. Through the easy-to-navigate platform you can find the right projects, connect with top clients, work efficiently, and get paid on time. Upwork’s large database of jobs makes it easy to work from one job to the next, helping you work smarter (not harder) to grow your freelance business.

Online Job Boards

Digital job boards have transformed to offer contract and freelance categories. Here’s a couple of popular job boards when looking for freelance product management opportunities:


With 10 jobs added per second and 250 million unique monthly visitors, it’s no surprise Indeed remains the #1 job site in the world. Search job opportunities by job title, or by skills such as product strategy and product development. Then sort search results by date, salary, or company to find the best opportunity for you. Apply to jobs at the click of a button, making it easier than ever to find freelance product management work. 


If working for a start-up is on your professional bucket list, AngelList has you covered. Browse over two million tech and start-up opportunities, see salary and equity from the onset, and be a driving force behind the next big thing.

Scott Bedgood
Scott Bedgood is a journalist and author based in Dallas, TX. He's written for Success Magazine, Texas Monthly, Cowboys & Indians Magazine, Texas Highways, bodybuilding.com, and more. In his career, he's interviewed Grammy winners, Emmy winners, Hall of Famers, and professional jogglers (that's juggling + marathon running). He's the author of Lessons from Legends: 12 Hall of Fame Coaches on Leadership, Life, and Leaving a Legacy which features interviews with legendary college football coaches like Steve Spurrier, Barry Switzer, Tom Osborne, Barry Alvarez, and more. In addition to writing, he is a podcaster and video editor. A short film documentary he made about his indoor soccer team premiered at the Texas Theatre, the same theater where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested. He and his wife Sami met at the University of Oklahoma and now live in Texas with their one-year-old son and two rescue dogs

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