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A group of freelancers writers in a B2B startup office

Where Can I Find Freelance Writing Jobs for B2B Startups?

Nikki WisherNikki Wisher
Nikki Wisher
Nikki Wisher

Remember a decade or two ago, before we all started using online content on a daily basis, when writing jobs were slim pickings? The world is vastly different today, opening up more opportunities for any freelance writer. For any natural -born writer, the chance to actually make a living writing is the dream.

Of course, keeping up with bills requires you to keep pulling in new jobs, and every writer has their favorite type of ideal clients. If your freelance contract of choice is writing for B2B startups, use these strategies to load your schedule with new clients.

Specialized Professional Groups

Extroverts will celebrate and introverts will mourn but whichever camp you’re in, networking is an excellent way to get new copywriting jobs. That’s especially true when you’re hunting for startup clients.

Hit social media and sites like Meetup to look for networking groups in your area, especially those catering to entrepreneurs. You might find groups for startups in particular, and freelancers could fall into that category.

Job Boards

Job boards are the most conventional ways to get writing gigs, and they’re economical because most are free for jobseekers. They typically charge the employers to post job ads, so to find startups, check job boards with lower posting prices.

Start with boards specific to freelance writing, like ProBlogger and freelancewriting.com. ProBlogger in particular ranks job ads based on factors you choose like keywords, so you can search for “startup” or “B2B startup.”

There are plenty of writing jobs on general job boards too like LinkedIn and Indeed. You can choose as specific of search terms as you want and displayed here are job ads that match your query.

Most job boards let you sign up for a daily job alert too. This emails you daily about new jobs based on your chosen criteria like employer bids and relevance.

Freelance Platforms

You’ve probably heard of freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and others. In talking to other freelancers, you’ll find that some love these platforms and some hate them. They offer many great opportunities but you need to navigate them well.

Read the terms of service because the platforms take a commission from your income. Read up on the process for each platform too, because they’re all unique. Some require you to submit a bid or proposal while others use a combination of employer bids and freelancer bids.

Remember some employers on these platforms want a quality content writer while others want cheap and fast filler content, so you’ll see wide price ranges. Decide in advance what you’re willing to accept.

Informational Seminars

Leading a seminar, webinar, conference presentation, or other learning experience can be game-changing for freelancers. It positions you as an expert in your field while getting you in front of new audiences.

If you want B2B startups in particular, host sessions about topics that would interest them. For example, choose topics like “B2B Marketing Strategy Basics” or “How to Optimize Your Content Marketing as a B2B Startup.” You’re strategically attracting ideal clients while boosting your credibility.

Cold Pitching

Cold pitching is underrated but if you play your cards right, it thrives. Start by doing research on local B2B startups. Find out who’s growing, who has strong revenue, and so on, cultivating a list of ideal clients.

Then, develop and fine-tune your cold pitch for your products and services. Tweak it to be more identifiable with each startup and research who to send it to within each startup.

Targeted Online Content

You already know blog content is valuable; that’s why clients hire you. Why not use it to your own advantage?

Tweak all landing page content on your site to appeal to B2B startups by explaining how your writing will grow their business. Optimize it for search terms they’ll search for like “writing for B2B startups” or “B2B startup content writer.”

Blog posts with a similar strategy will help too. On your site’s blog and on guest blogging sites, write about B2B startup-specific topics. This positions you as an expert in B2B startup writing and makes you more likely to get in front of this target audience. Consistent posting is key, so use a recurring task on your task list to keep up.

Cultivating Your Ideal Client Base

Whether it comes from past experiences, personal interests, or areas of expertise, every freelance writer has a favorite niche or type of client. If you want to get compensated by these employers, the first step is getting in touch with them, so let the strategies above be your guide.

Nikki Wisher
Nikki Wisher has been writing professionally since January 2015, and she's written about just about everything from plastic surgery to accounting. She took the plunge into full-time freelancing in July 2018 and she hasn't looked back since. As much as Nikki loves hopping from one topic to another throughout the day, her top specialties include health and wellness, marketing, home decor, and career development (especially for freelancers and entrepreneurs). Originally from Ohio, Nikki lives in Atlanta with her husband and their two floofy cats. When she steps away from the keyboard, Nikki loves knitting, crocheting, hiking, and enjoying her adopted city.

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