Sherrie Hoyer will teach you how to play the mandolin and banjo over Skype

Like many of the talented musicians on tispr, Sherrie Hoyer is eager to help others to better hone their craft or to help newbies take the first steps in learning a new instrument. However, Sherrie has the unique experience of teaching mandolin, banjo, banjo-guitar, and ukulele across the United States and internationally."I've always wanted to make my way through life through music,and teaching comes very naturally to me," she explains, "I tried office work and found that offices and corporations just weren't for me, so I had to blaze my own trail."

An avid reader, Sherrie also loves to sew, makes and sell instrument straps and fiddle and viola accessories. She can also repair and refurbish Oscar Schmidt auto-harps (and teach you how to play those, too). On tispr, Sherrie is offering banjo, ukulele, and mandolin lessons over Skype, so even those living outside of LA can take advantage of her service offers. Sherrie cites her sense of humor as being one of her hidden talents, but is quite serious when it comes to one requirement for her would-be students, though:

"Any student must be open to learning songs they've never heard before... [an open mind] is vital to a musician's growth."

We agree! Learn more about Sherrie's journey and connect with her and other bananas-talented musicians by downloading our app today.

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