From Engineer to DJ with Shane Haley

People often associate software engineers as left brains. We see them as analytical, pragmatic, and often introverted. However, Shane Haley doesn’t fit that mold, and maybe we’ve been wrongly classifying developers all along. He’s an engineer turned DJ, and is making a marriage out of the creative and logistical parts of his mind to produce innovative and experimental dance music.

Shane became a software engineer because he thought he was doing what society expected of him. He wasn’t particularly unhappy with his job, and he made a great living at it. However, something was missing.

“At some point, it just blew up and I decided I need to live life and do something that I love, which I had never done before.”

A dual citizen of the U.S. and the UK, Haley grew up partying on the Thames River in London where he fell in love with Electronic Dance music.

“Once you have an awesome experience, it sticks in your brain and then you want to do what’s associated to that. If you saw a baseball game and loved Mark McGwire back in the day, you wanted to be a baseball player. It was like that.”

After a long run as a software engineer, he dropped everything and set off to travel the world.

Shane’s experiences abroad only intensified his desire to reinvent himself and find meaning in his life.

He took a leap of faith and bought music production software.

“I probably watched thousands of hours youtube videos and just started going at it, making lots of mistakes and getting better and better.”

He attended the prominent DJ school in Amsterdam where he mastered his producing skills.

Quickly, recognition found him. Before Haley knew it, he was performing at some of the coolest clubs in Europe, including Amsterdam’s Skybar, Crown’s Club in Munich, and Teatro Bedevil in Madrid. He was living the dream.

After conquering the European market, he wanted to take on a new challenge - the US electric dance music industry. 

“Now that i’m back in my hometown, I’m having to work like crazy! It’s ironic.”

While it felt like he took two steps forward in Europe, and one step backward in the states, he knew he had to earn it, and that it would all be worth it in the end.

“Either you make your shit happen, or you get yourself connected with people who have already done it.”

Now, Haley is consistently moving up. Each gig he performs is bigger than the last. He’s drawing a crowd that wows club managers, ensuring that he’ll be coming back onto the main stages.

Whether he becomes the next Calvin Harris or gains a loyal following in Los Angeles, he’s just happy that he took that leap of faith and changed his life.

“10 years down the road, if I realize I didn’t make it where I wanted to be, at least I tried! I’ll feel great about it. That’s what’s important.”

Moral of the story? Do what you love. After all, it’s about the journey, not the final destination. Follow Shane's path and start loving what you do today. Download tispr on iPhone and Android and jumpstart your career.

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