Find balance with tispr massage therapist Amy Jokinen

"Every day, our senses are assaulted by a million different stimuli while the responsibilities of work and family stress our bodies and mind. It's very easy to lose your sense of balance and connection with nature. Luckily, tispr talent and massage therapist Amy Jokinen knows just the thing to heal your body, mind, and soul:

“For years I’d been using just a little lavender and eucalyptus as a way to begin the massage, but it wasn’t until my sister found Doterra essential oils that I really started to understand the complexity of different aromatic profiles - how you can use them to help a person find internal order and balance just through the nose and inhalations.”

Found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants, essential oils are naturally occurring aromatic compounds that can rather quickly affect the physiological and psychological elements of your brain. So when you take an inhalation of essential oil you’ve immediately accessed your amygdala, the part concerned with attaching emotional significance to sensory information. In layman’s terms? Ever smelled a rose and felt happy? THIS is why!

“Essential oils are beautiful. I equate it to an artist's palette of colors to use on their work, their art. With essential oils I have a palette to go to - to help a person in their specific time of need create order and balance internally.”

It’s been an incredibly unique and rewarding addition to Amy’s work, as with it she can more successfully combat whatever burden you might walk into the room with. Stressed? She’ll use lavender to tackle high anxiety thoughts and help you achieve calm. Depressed or suffering from loss/grief? Orange or peppermint will revitalize. Just stepping off an airplane? How bout an antibacterial or immunity boosting oil which, when dropped on your spine, will help fight against the germs you were just exposed to while also easing jet lag.

Oftentimes clients will give Amy some clues as to what oils might be beneficial but, just as frequently, she relies on her intuition coupled with her knowledge of all the oils’ properties in order to come up with a remedy for her client. It's the same intuition that helps to guide her hands to gently but persistently release tension in her client's muscles and tendons.

“I feel so much more connected to my work because I understand not only what I’m doing physically, but mentally how I’m helping the guest. Essential oils just help lubricate emotions out of us and create that space of balance internally.”

By utilizing the influence on all of her client's senses, Amy is able to reunite their spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. Sounds like something you need? Find a wellness pro like Amy on tispr today!

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