Carolyn Lux talks her one-of-a-kind, vintage jewelry designs

Two decades ago, Carolyn Lux decided to surprise her mother by having some of her most beloved pieces of jewelry repaired (how very tispr’y of her)! After hearing the staggering price tag that came along with such a task, however, she decided to try her hand at fixing it herself…and thus began her long-standing career in jewelry making.

Carolyn threw herself into the field by learning everything she could related to the properties of different stones while investigating a myriad of techniques and styles. Today, Carolyn’s signature flair can be seen in every one-of-a-kind work she creates formed with semi-precious gems or vintage artifacts, and accented with Bohemian or Swarovski crystals. The end result is a handcrafted, elegant and distinctive piece that’s certainly a luxury, but a remarkably affordable one!

Yours truly was lucky enough to model a number of items from the treasure-trove that is Carolyn Lux Jewelry Designs when we welcomed her into our office to take some professional photographs of her line (see above). Could you use a hand in oomphing up your tispr profile, too? We’re here to help! Contact us at for more details, and get connected to incredible artists like Carolyn on tispr, today!

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