Artist Brett Diemer says art is all around you

Let me ask you a simple question - what does success mean to you? It’s surprising how quickly our brains conjure up images of completing our goals, achieving our dreams, and finally getting everything we’ve ever wanted. For some this manifests itself as power, fame, fortune, or surpassing everyone in their line of work. For Brett Diemer, freelance artist based out of downtown Los Angeles, success couldn’t be less about those things:

“I heard this quote once - ‘success isn’t being superior to your fellow man, it’s being superior to your former self,’ so I think as long as you keep growing and evolving in any field, in any passion, then you are successful and success is you.”

Brett believes it’s more about allowing the work to shape and mold you rather than the other way around, and that as long as you’re a better you than you were the day before, your craft will inevitably follow suit. Growing up in a family of consummate collectors, this craft began when he was exposed to art at a very young age and it became impossible for Brett to ignore the visually stimulating work all around him. This led to his very first (and very last) drawing class.

A guy who thrives on shifting perspectives and social constructs, Brett veered away from proper art training upon determining he was still discovering who he was as an artist and didn’t want to be forced to define himself based on the opinion of  just one teacher…

“I think it can discourage people that could be really talented to be told their work isn’t good…how many artists have been told their work was never going anywhere and then became timeless?”

Armed with this mentality (and in no way related to a certain athletic brand’s famous checkmark), Brett encourages himself and others to just do it! You can’t always wait for a lightbulb to go off and signal that your training’s complete, you have nothing left to learn, and you’ve acquired every skill necessary to begin to work. That’s why they call it pursuing…it’s a constant quest, and probably the most significant one you can make:

“It’s very important to follow your passions - I think it’s the key to happiness. If you’re not pursuing your passions then you’re not really growing the way you’re supposed to and are kind of fighting nature and nature’s course for you. That’s what can get people discouraged…I think if you’re doing what you love then you can’t really be upset.”

With that re-definition of success it becomes easier to pinpoint where our passions truly lie. Just being a part of something that makes him feel happy Brett says is a mark of his own personal success, and if he’s also able to progress enough to have influence over an artistic movement of some sort one day, he’ll consider it a very successful art career. In the meantime he continues to grow and evolve as an artist much as his own paintings and pieces do…

“That’s what I think is really cool about my work is I don’t get to choose where it goes and I don’t get to choose where it’s going - all I really am is the person that applies the paint.”

Want to see just where the freedom of freelance can take you? Brett's Instagram will inspire awe, and motivate you to download our app today to get your journey started.

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