Use Gratitude to Achieve Your Goals: Andrea Bogart Gets Real

So you want to be an actress…you pack up your humble belongings, bid your undoubtedly supportive parents adieu, and take off for Tinseltown to become a star. Your bucketloads of talent and ingratiating smile get you noticed almost immediately, and within a week you’re gracing covers everywhere touted as the next Angelina Jolie. I mean it’s that easy, right?! Ask Andrea Bogart and you may get a bit of a different story…equally as riveting, equally as impressive, but a whole lot more of her favorite word - REAL!

You’re never really prepared for the harsh realities of a life pursuing the spotlight.

Many of us are simply hoping to make our passion our work, however the myriad of waves that work comes in can be more than a little disheartening. Andrea (or Dre, as she’s fondly known) epitomizes this concept with over 15 years in front of the camera. Her TV appearances include such massive hits as CSI, Two and a Half Men and a recurring role on Ray Donovan, but even over a hundred episodes of General Hospital doesn’t guarantee a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

“Acting is such a rollercoaster, you have to embrace it for what it is. It took me a while to get there, but you just find the tools that resonate and use them when you get that call that says you’re cut out of a spot or you bomb an audition…it takes a lot of inner strength to keep going.”

For Dre, that tool and that strength was found in yoga. Her passion for the practice developed through the adversity of the sad times and it became truly life-healing. Yoga has helped balance her out and get in touch with that positive side that understands and embraces the fact there are days you’re going to feel really down and critical of yourself in this field. In order for us not to succumb to such feelings, Dre stresses it’s really about finding the things in our lives that make us feel alive. Whether a hike, a swim in the ocean or a good book, taking at least an hour for ourselves can be the most valuable part of our day. Another thing to keep in mind is unless you get so lucky you just bounce off into a show right away (if so “God bless you” Dre quips), you must do another line of work to keep yourself afloat. The trick is finding those jobs that don’t suck the life out of you, keep some money coming in, and enable you to stay on the path of what you really want to do.

“I was a waitress for years. I was a freelance bartender for years. When you start to get to the point that you’re done with that, some other door will open - trust in that. Yoga was my door.”

The more Andrea felt the benefits of yoga not just in the studio but in her every day life the more she knew she had to share it, which led to her teaching in both group and private settings for 3 happy years. When asked whether this has in any way hindered her performance career Dre enthusiastically declares it’s been nothing but a help! Turns out increasing her happiness level through the practice and teaching of yoga has paid off in dividends in every avenue of her life, especially acting, which has led her to the poignant conclusion:

“Happiness doesn’t come when we’re successful, success comes when we’re happy.”

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