5 minutes with dazzling tispr photographer Jay Flores

If Jay Flores could travel the world for the rest of his life, he'd be the happiest person alive. He says, "I honestly love to seek and find new places to see...What makes me happy is to explore my sense for adventure." Originally from Valencia, Venezuela, Flores currently lives in New Jersey and works as a photographer in New York City. One of the first tispr talents to offer services in the NYC area, he hopes "to help clients capture a special moment in their lives," whether at a wedding or at an office of a business that wants to create more high-quality content for their social media channels. In fact, it was Flores' love for life's special moments that got him into photography in the first place:
"I've always had a deep desire to capture moments in time that caused me to feel some emotion. Time never stops and we can't see it so, to me, a photograph is my way to stop and see time ! No second is ever the same so  I try capture as many seconds and see the beauty within them."
Want to connect with Jay Flores? Download the tispr app today! You can also follow him on Instagram @beyondcitylife.


Featured cover photo by Andrea Fröhlich (Instagram @andredreaa) 
Black and white photo by Matthew Eaton (Instagram @27thinstinct)


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