Toddré Monier Explains the Power of Color

Toddre DaLaura Monier always makes an entrance. It’s reminiscent of something from the movies - That scene where a woman walks into a room, and everyone focuses on her. It’s like a superpower, when it’s actually more of a science.

Monier is a stylist for love.

She has always had a knack for style. Monier owned a specialty shoe boutique in Washington DC for years, where her customers looked to her for more than just shoe advice.

“People were coming up to me and they were asking if I was a designer, model, or stylist. They would launch into how they needed a stylist for work, their personal life, or love life. I was realizing that this is a natural thing for me. This is something I can offer people. I’m a lover of love. I’m a hopeful romantic. I combined my two favorite attributes.”

In a twist of fate, she sold her store, travelled the world, and eventually wound up in Los Angeles. It became crystal clear that she needed to pursue her calling as a stylist for love, with the goal of helping people radiate from the inside out.

“Styling is a personal journey. A lot of times people want change, but they aren’t ready for it.”

Monier helps clients let their guard down and free themselves of the past.

“There’s so much about our past, our pathologies and our genesis of identity that makes us who we are, and it really affects who we attract and how well we’re able to sustain relationships.”

On a deeper level, Monier uses a variety of techniques to make clients more receptive to love and relationships. There’s meditation involved, discovering pathologies, forgiveness exercises, and readings. She emphasizes that people are drawn to confidence and openness.

While Monier strongly believes that beauty comes from within, she loves to help clients feel their best on the outside.

The styling element is the final piece of the puzzle, but can make an enormous difference. Some of the most effective styling tactics involve the use of color. She does a color consultation with her clients to find out what their “power” colors are. “We all respond to color. When you’re dating, you don’t necessarily want to be the brightest one in the room, but you want eyes to focus on you.”

“I love seeing people transformed. I love that look, that expression on their face more than any compliment.”

Her advice to hopeful romantics? Avoid wearing black on a first date, and pay attention to the fit of your clothes!

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