So You Wanna be a Blogger... How-to with Giselle Ugarte

Admit it, you’ve been there…slaving away at your 9-5 when on an Instagram break (wait, you’d never use company time that way!) you swipe by a post from a “professional blogger” with a million likes you’d guess leads to a million dollars. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all ditch the desks and settle into a cushy life spent making duck faces and debating who’s the supreme Kardashian sister? Well maaaybe a little more goes into it than that. Just ask Giselle Ugarte, on-air personality and lifestyle blogger who’s been able to turn the surreptitious world of beauty, blogging and YouTube into a viable career and business:

“When I first started out I didn’t even think about marketing, I was blogging just for fun. I wanted to talk about the things that I loved and give advice to whoever wanted to read things, and the following came naturally that way.”

Well as said following began to grow and Giselle caught on to the larger potential involved, she made it her goal to reach as many people as possible. Learn how she accomplished this feat with her four steps to best utilizing the wonderful world of social media (with a twist)!

1.Build your following

“You want to think about entertaining and inspiring and connecting which in itself is going to allow you to have longevity and keep growing. Don’t just upload selfies or what you ate for lunch that day. You want to think about how you can actually be social on social media, and a lot of people forget about that very basic aspect that is so important to growth.”

2. Make $

Great. So you’ve established your presence and due to generating consistent quality content clinched a million followers. Next step is just posting a video of you biting some kid’s finger or dancing gangnam style and you’re an instant YouTube star, right? Hate to burst your bubble, but…

“In actuality, if you’re going to make money from YouTube or blogging it’s from the mentions, the product placements, the sponsors, the commercials or the in-view ads. But you have to work really hard and have enough subscribers or network or just the connectivity to get to that point.”

3. Keep your following

And once you’re there? If you’re looking to keep your following and maintain credibility without spending beyond your means, it’s not about doling out the benjamins for snazzy materials or effects - spend it on equipment! That’s going to be the best investment you can possibly make when it comes to improving your video’s quality:

“If you want to be up on YouTube, yes you see people making stuff from their iPhones because iPhones have awesome cameras now. But at the end of the day you want to look clear and you want to sound professional, so it’s important to at least invest in that equipment to start with, and then from there you can work with a lower budget.”

4. Find your niche and focus

At this point Giselle may have a little more leverage, having garnered an unprecedented amount of followers across her social media outlets as well as a huge fanbase on her YouTube channel with video views into the hundred thousands, and she’s even been asked to be the face of one of the largest cosmetics brands in the world. The key to success behind it all? FOCUS.

“Maybe it’s makeup, maybe it’s style, maybe it’s parenting or food or a specific type of cooking, maybe it’s grilling, but being as specific as possible, honing in on whatever niche that is and being the very very best at it…being consistent, researching, and constantly wanting to grow.”

So let’s get to growin! Wanna be the best blogger you possibly can be? Get your blog (who knows, it might be the next “Sprinting in Stilettos!”) done on tispr. iPhone Android

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