Cardio and Carbs: Make Sure You’re Getting the Most From Your Workout

It’s no secret that the Marine Corps shapes boys into men. Recruits are broken down and sculpted into disciplined leaders who embody courage and honor. The process is life changing for men and women who have enormous amounts of potential in need of guidance. For Sebastian Rindé, the Marine Corps helped him find his one true passion - fitness. The disciplined training he endured lead him to translate his knowledge in civilian life. Now, he’s a personal trainer turned aspiring bodybuilder, who is ready to prove that nothing can stand in his way of becoming Mr.Olympia. So, we had to ask. What’s the drill?

Drill 1: Eating right

To reach his fitness goals, Rindé had to drop the life he once knew, and develop a rigorous routine that is conducive to bodybuilding stardom. The first adjustment, and perhaps the worst, was the change in his diet.

“You think being hungry sucks? Eating all of the time totally sucks.”

He consumes up to 8 meals every day and sometimes eats as many as 24 egg whites in 24 hours. His meals consist of lean protein, either steak or chicken, accompanied by complex carbohydrates like brown rice or quinoa. The goal is to fuel his body for mass building.

Drill 2: Training hard

To look like a superhero, Rindé trains four days a week and never skips a Monday. High repetition weight training builds his lean muscles, and creates the defined shape of the Superman logo; broad shoulders, small waist, and strong legs. While he works out hard, he never trains for more than an hour at a time.

“You never want to work out more than an hour. Your body starts going catabolic. You start burning your muscle more than your fat.”

Drill 3: Getting lean

After all of his seasonal preparation, the competitions start to spring up and a new sort of exercise takes over. He does fasting cardio in the mornings, which means that he wakes up, springs out of bed and goes for a run.

“Fasting cardio is the best way to burn fat.”

Drill 4: Asserting goals

The rigid lifestyle that the military instilled in him has provided the discipline necessary to make his goals a reality.

“It’s about finding your goals and asserting them. Get it in your head. Make it a goal and keep it there.”

Rindé ignores anyone who tells him he can’t do it, because he knows that they’re wrong.

“I want to be on the Olympia stage. Not only that, I want to win Mr. Olympia. Screw what everyone else has to say.”

For every drill, you need a drill sergeant. If you're interested in following Sebastian's journey to Mr. Olympia, keep up with him on his Instagram. Download tispr on iPhone or Android today to find your personal trainer.

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