How to Make It in Film: Justin Talt talks Movies

Justin Talt knew exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up. As kids, we often chose whimsical and unrealistic lines of work to pursue. I proudly boasted to my family and friends that I wanted to be a dolphin trainer or Indiana Jones. Here I am writing this article, so evidently I’m not off hunting for treasure and training Flipper. We all change and evolve as we grow older, but it doesn’t mean we should lose that ‘anything is possible’ mentality from our youth. Talt is the perfect example; He took his childhood dream and chased it.

He was 10-years-old when he first laid eyes on the cinematic brilliance that was Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park.

“I fell in love with the score, the characters, the action. I was blown away by it. All of these things came together and moved me in such a way that I knew I had to be a part of this business.”

Justin became a 10-year-old acting prodigy. As he grew older, Talt realized that he didn’t want to be just a prop on stage. He wanted to work behind the camera and be the person who incepted films like Jurassic Park.

He wanted to become a screenwriter.

“I like screenwriting because that’s where everything starts - On the page. I figured if I can start there, I can control my own destiny.”

Fresh out of college with a script under his arm, he set out to make a movie. He met with big producers, signed with WME, and felt like the world was his oyster. However, the reality was that he had little experience, and no one was prepared to invest in a recent college graduate.

“When you say you’re in the film industry, everyone just goes, ‘I haven’t heard your name. You must not be a big deal.’ I just wanted to prove all of those people wrong.”

And he did. A lack of industry contacts was not going to stop him from getting a film made. Instead, he rounded up the best contacts he knew- his family and friends.

Rocky Powell, a close friend and commercial director in Dallas, agreed to direct his film. Together they raised funding, found a production team, and got his movie, Language of a Broken Heart, made.

They exceeded all expectations - The film was released in Regal theaters across the country.

“I remember waking up and seeing the New York Times review of my film. It was one of those surreal moments.”

Making his movie was the adventure of a lifetime, and only fueled his love for filmmaking. Today, he’s writing scripts for major film production companies and helping fellow indie film makers raise funds for their own passion projects.

“People in Hollywood have the reputation of not having time for anybody. I’m not a big deal by any means, but I want to help independent filmmakers build their dream and cross that bridge. Every filmmaker has a story to tell, and there shouldn’t be any reason why they can’t tell it.”

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