How To: Get Ready Fast in 5 Minutes with Giselle Ugarte

With the holiday season ramping up and the year winding down, it's sure to get busy with all the things you have to do!

One of tispr's many talented individuals, Giselle Ugarte, a multimedia personality, writer and producer, is here to give you 5 easy tips and life hacks to save some time to get ready quickly no matter who you are. This morning routine will take 5 minutes and just 1 minute to watch the video above :)

  1. Hair - Find a quick and easy hairstyle like a top knot. All you have to do is take a rubber band and wrap it around a few times.
  2. Statement Piece - Use something eye-catching like a leather jacket to pull your look together.
  3. Shoes - Why compromise? Put on a stylish, comfortable pair of shoes. Booties, leather flats or over-the-knee boots are Giselle's common go-tos.
  4. Makeup - Take your pick, add either a little foundation, mascara, tinted moisturizer or lip liner to wake up your look.
  5. Find what works best for you! At the end of the day, all that matters is that you take the one piece that makes you look and feel good so you have the confidence to conquer the day.

tispr offers ample opportunities to connect, collaborate or work with more talented individuals like Giselle, so whether you're just a busy hustler in need of some helpful tips or even a makeup artist, stylist, or fashionista looking to offer your skills, sign up today to get your journey started!

Got some fast tips of your own or any questions? Feel free to comment below or email us at !



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