Organize Your Computer in 1 Easy Step

If your house were burning down and you only had time to save a couple of items, what would they be?

Chances are, one of your digital devices would make the list. The sentimental value of our phones, laptops and tablets are exceeding their monetary value in this constantly evolving digital age. Our devices are a reflection of ourselves, an indication that we are beginning to spend more time in our digital space than the physical space around us.

Elizabeth Tabak, a digital organizer, recognizes the growing significance of our digital space and wants to help preserve it.

“Our world is increasingly digital. In order to know where your belongings are, love them, protect them, and then make room for the future, you need to organize your stuff!”

Tabak, a Brown University graduate in economics, came to Los Angeles with the goal of getting into the business of fitness. She landed a job as a consultant for a pilates firm where she realized that she could help people in a way she never expected to.

“I was working with a bunch of trainers that had very disorganized playlists. Their phones were always full. I volunteered myself as a friend to upgrade people’s phones, help them organize their playlists, and help them understand where their stuff goes when they take it off of their phones.”

After helping several other friends with similar issues, Tabak came to the conclusion that there was a market for this kind of service. She partnered up with a friend who started Simply Simplify, a company that organizes client’s physical spaces, to create Simply Simplify Digital.

“You might know how to clean your digital space, just like you know how to clean your house, but you don't know where to start. I bring that first step. You can do this, we can clear it out. You can live a more efficient lifestyle.”

Tabak works with clients to reduce the pesky clutter on their desktops, organize files throughout their devices, and synchronize devices so that they speak to each other. She teaches clients who are tech aware, but not tech savvy, to understand how their devices work and specifically how they work together (think iCloud.)

Her biggest tip to those looking to operate at a faster pace?

“Clean up your desktop. That’s the best place to start. If you have a lot of things on your desktop, your computer slows down a lot because it’s preparing those documents to be ready at a moments notice. It’s the first step in clearing your mind and operating efficiently.”

Learn more about Elizabeth and get organized today: Download tispr on iPhone and Android.

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