Digital Marketing Demystified: Jaclyn Mullen Talks Social Media

For Jaclyn Mullen, becoming an independent was a no brainer. It was in her blood. Her grandparents immigrated from Armenia to pursue the American dream, and succeeded by starting their own jewelry store. She spent her summers with them as a child, and realized that their freedom and passion for what they did was something she wanted to mimic.

“I figured, why not challenge myself and see what I can do on my own? Corporate America isn’t going anywhere, why not just go for it and carry on their legacy?”

Today, Mullen is carrying on her grandparents legacy as an entrepreneur. She is a social media marketing specialist, helping businesses engage with their audiences and increase revenue. However, her skill set spans far beyond marketing.

Mullen jokes that she is “Jaclyn of all trades” and it’s entirely true. She can do it all, from singing R&B to working as an HR representative. However, a few years ago, that very motto was a drawback.

“I tried to be everything to everybody. What becomes a challenge is when you’re offering way too many services as one person, and you get spread really thin.”

Her creative efforts overshadowed the back end work of running a business. She wanted to understand profitability and learn how to scale her business. Mullen covered her expenses every month, but she was physically and mentally drained from her efforts.

Little did she know… A position in the corporate world would make her a better independent.

She accepted a position at an advertising agency and spent the next year and a half learning the ins and outs of business.

“I will say, I am so thankful that I worked in the corporate environment. There are certain fundamentals you learn, certain ways to do business. I feel like you get some good etiquette.”

After a year and a half, Mullen re-entered the independent work force with a completely different mindset - the entrepreneurial mindset.

“As an entrepreneur, you’re the boss.”

Working as her own CEO, Mullen has changed the dynamic of her work.

“It’s not a matter of covering my monthly expenses. It’s a matter of growing, revenue, clients, passive income and scalability.”

Mullen also scaled down her business. She narrowed it down to social media marketing, an increasingly popular means of promoting services and products.

“I help clients use the internet to grow their business, track what they're doing online and come up with online marketing campaigns so that they can maintain and engage their customers.”

As part of her entrepreneurial endeavor, Mullen has become a community leader and teacher in social media marketing, inspiring young professionals to constantly challenge themselves.

“I will not quit, will not stop. I am going to continually challenge myself and raise the bar.”

Her biggest tip for fellow independents?

“You have to be happy. If you’re not happy, let that be your guide to do something different.”

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