Bodybuilding Tips from The Expert: Big Will Harris

Big Will Harris’ body is his billboard. He’s reminiscent of Hercules, with chiseled muscles as hard as stone and a spirit that exudes authority. Harris is a legend in the body building world. He has dedicated his life to fitness, starting out as a pro football player, transitioning into a pro bodybuilder, and finally bringing that level of knowledge and athleticism to clients through personal training. To train with Harris is an honor, but that honor is not for the faint of heart.

“I’m there to kick your ass, to get you to your goals faster than you ever thought you could.”

Harris knows exactly what needs to be done in order to see results, and it isn’t easy. Maintaining a body like his requires determination, self control, and dedication. His relentless motivation stems from a rough childhood, where he vowed to grow and exceed expectations.

“I grew up on the hard streets of LA South Central. It taught me a lot. The motivation was always to be above, to rise above all challenges.”

Harris saw any challenge as a threat, which he tackled head on.

“You can always change your situation, no matter what it is. The only time you can’t change is if you totally give the f*** up.”

Harris took that mindset and put every ounce of energy into pushing boundaries. He even tattooed an emblem on his arm as a daily reminder to never give up.

“It means, ‘Conquer everything you perceive and let nothing get in the way.”

He worked day in and day out at the gym to gain record breaking muscle mass.

Harris went on to win Mr. USA, compete on the Olympia stage, and grace the covers of bodybuilding magazines. He even trained alongside a certain California governor, whose name is infamous in the body building world.

Despite so much success and acclaim, Harris never holds onto his accomplishments.

“I don’t keep anything. I know it’s an accomplishment and it’s gone. I have no time for bragging.”

With a library of knowledge about fitness and health, Harris decided to pass on his mastery through personal training. He trains a huge variety of customers, ranging from bodybuilders to housewives looking to get fit.

Harris hand picks his clients and does a preliminary examination to determine whether they are mentally, physically, and financially ready for the commitment.

“I sit down and tell them exactly what’s coming their way. You’re under martial law, meaning no drinking or anything that will stop our progress.”

His training methods are intense and effective, and he doesn’t accept excuses. His regimen is worth the pain, because the payoff is huge.

“Anybody can celebrate like an idiot on the sideline, but it doesn’t feel as good as scoring the touchdown.”

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