tispr in Motion: Demos & Drinks

The spirit of entrepreneurship is at the heart of tispr. As an app and service, tispr supports thousands of local freelancers, connecting them with local opportunities, putting their talents to work and building a community of talent. Entrepreneurship, and business in general, thrives on community – which is why tispr was proud to team up with organizations like Breather, Service, Envi, Blacksource, Up Sonder, and Peerby for a Tech in Motion event. The event, titled On Demand: Demos & Drinks, gave Los Angelenos the opportunity to discover new technology, meet their next business partner, or make their next career move, all from their phone.

tispr hosted the event alongside its partnering organizations and welcomed more than 300 tech-savvy, career-minded folks to mingle and exchange ideas. The organizations presented their avant-garde services with one common theme: mobile empowerment. These organizations offer services that allow its users to revolutionize their carwashes, skip the customer service hold music, rent out what they have, and utilize co-working spaces – inspiring businesses and individuals to go beyond business as usual and adapt to the freedom of the new tech era.

But the event wasn’t all business, tispr also brought in more entertaining talent with a message. The tispr office went dark while Sam Tobey delivered a stirring and psychedelic LED hula hoop performance, a physical metaphor emphasizing the connection between technology and art — a staple in the freelance industry. Then two internationally-ranked freestyle soccer players showed off their skills, playing off one another and pulling off mind-blowing tricks.Because hey, entrepreneurs gotta keep those balls in the air, but we can’t do it alone.

tispr was honored to support its fellow forward-thinkers who offer independence and freedom from the average business solution. Those in attendance said the meetup was “unforgettable” and the “'flow' of the event was nice and easygoing, pretty freeform trade-show style...not just a bunch of back-to-back dry presentations where the audience has to remain quiet and seated.”

The evening ended in a drone selfie, courtesy of Up Sonder. How else?

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