tispr File Cabinet: Video Recording Release Form [Legal Illumination: Part 3 of 4]

Playing by your own rules means a few things: it allows for a greater freedom, greater flexibility, and being able to turn what you love into what you do. While those are all the best aspects of being a talented individual and taking advantage of the gig economy, sometimes the legality of it all can be difficult to wrap your head around. Never fear, tispr is here! We’re going to guide you through the four essential types of legal documents. This is the third in our series about learning the ins-and-outs of legal documents, where we’ve taken you through NDAs and Consulting Agreements. Today, we’ll explain Video Release Forms.

Video Release Forms are essential for every videographer – photographers too. These can easily be tweaked to become Photo Release Forms. Basically, these forms just make sure that your subjects (videography or photography) have consented to having their image taken, and their likeness reproduced in any sort of work you might use it for. It basically just protects the talent from any legal action taken against them if someone one day decides they no longer want their photo or video to be used.

Why use a video release form? It’s pretty straightforward. It protects you, the creative talent, from any lawsuits, and ensures that anyone who wants to keep their identity private and not be a part of your project has their wishes respected as well. Video release forms just make sure everyone’s happy with the project as a whole!

Click here for a Video Recording Release Form you can print out and use for your business. See you next Weds. for tispr File Cabinet: Legal Illumination: Part 4 of 4!

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