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This Freelancer Life: Liz Olson, Creative Brand Strategist

Emily SchmidtEmily Schmidt
Emily Schmidt
Emily Schmidt

Today we talk to Liz Olson, a Brand and Creative Marketing Leader. She has 20 years of experience in helping make great brands. She loves to foster a creative culture where great brands can flourish. 

In this episode, Liz will share her secrets to Lead Generation and what she’s learned over the years. From networking both formally and informally, to being genuine, authentic, and helpful for the people she meets, she’s been able to foster great connections over her career. 

If you want to contact Liz, the best way for you to reach out is through her Linkedin.

Thanks Liz!

Emily Schmidt
Emily Schmidt has been freelancing full-time since August 2017. She's loved working with clients in multiple industries and expanding her skill-set. She particularly loves writing for freelancers to help share the knowledge she's gained over the last several years. Emily's currently living in Denver, Colorado working on a myriad of clients to support their content strategy, writing efforts, and SEO strategy.

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