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The Top 8 Best Alternatives to freelancer.com | By Tispr

 Claire Rawnsley Claire Rawnsley
Claire Rawnsley
Claire Rawnsley

What is freelancer.com you may ask?

It is essentially an online freelance platform for businesses to use to post jobs, and to receive quotes nearly immediately from top freelancers across the globe to do the said job. 

It is the world’s largest platform for freelance work - with people looking for anything from engineers and software developers through to graphic designers, writers and marketers. There is a huge market for it. 

It may be the largest platform, but there are many freelance platforms. 

Let’s find out what else is out there…


This is one of the top global marketplaces for what we call “micro-jobs” or what Fiverr refers to as “gigs”. These range in price from just $5 to $500 - so if you’re looking for people wanting a full website design, this probably isn’t for you.

Fiverr is more for people that want a simple business design, a resume re-written, or some small HTML requirements. Find them here.


Upwork claims to have the world’s largest remote talent platform. 

They make it easy for businesses to connect with professionals to complete freelance work based on what they’re looking for. The navigation of the website is seamless - with the top 8 categories including Web Development, Design, Writing & Marketing, top of mind. If someone is looking for a more niche skill, there are a total of 12 different services available to choose from. 

Take a look at their website here.


One of your top sources for remote work as a freelance writer, WriterAccess has it all! This site is a great place to get hired for remote writing jobs - for anything from Search Engine Optimization to Content Writing.

Get started here.


Valilly, previously known as Crowded, is a top HR recruiting website which helps employers find people to suit what they’re looking for with ease.

Once you set up your profile, they put your name forward to potential clients and rank you by price, experience and skills. This way you will be matched up with someone who knows the value of your skillset and can pay accordingly!

Visit the new Valilly (previously Crowded) website here.


Are you creative, looking for freelance work? Well then 99Designs is the platform for you!
This is your best place to be paired up with businesses around the world looking for creative direction. Whether it is a logo design, website, or full brand re-design - you can offer your services here. 

It is super user friendly for business owners. They need only type in what they are looking for and “Bob’s your Aunt” - thousands of profiles appear for them to scroll through. 

Image screenshot of 99Designs.com

Hubstaff Talent

The best part about Hubstaff Talent is that there are no fees. Ever. It’s 100% free! 

They have skilled freelancers from across the globe, specializing in over 4600 skills... (yes, there really are that many different categories)! 

With an easy user interface - similar to 99Designs - it makes it easy for people to search what they’re looking for. 

Image screenshot of HubStaff Talent


Another great one for the writers out there (can I get an Amen)!

Narrato.io advertise themselves as a place to get your content written fast - and by the best writers on the job. Whether they’re looking for a blog, article, presentation, proof-reader - you name it, there’s a freelancer that can do it… and they’re on Narrato.

Find out more here.


Finally, we get to Nexxt. 

Nexxt is a place where businesses/employers can quickly search for what they’re after and in return receive profiles of skilled and talented professionals. It’s not just for the big guns, with over 20 years of experience, Nexxt caters to small, medium and larger sizes corporations to help them find a candidate to suit their needs.

You’d be a fool not to at least look at their website.


Great, now you know where to find jobs - make sure you know how to effectively market your freelance business as well!

The world of freelancing is a world of its own. And it is becoming more and more popular, with remote working now widely more acceptable across the globe. Start making your profiles on the above websites today and the work will start to flow in!

Be creative with your profile and cover letters. Make them exciting and really showcase your personality and skills! Enjoy!

Claire Rawnsley
Claire's been freelancing for the last 6 months, coming from an 8-year marketing background in the construction, real estate, travel, events & retail industries. She moved from full-time corporate into co-owning The Renew Room, a marketing & design collaboration, in July 2020 and hasn't looked back since. Claire wanted to utilize her many skills, in particular content writing, to help small and medium-sized businesses thrive. Claire's currently living in her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand and works with clients from multiple different industries helping with SEO, content creation, social media, digital marketing & more.

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