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The Top 4 Reasons Why Business Owners Hire Virtual Assistants

Erica RosasErica Rosas
Erica Rosas
Erica Rosas

As a freelancer, you're probably used to working from home, but you may have never even thought about hiring a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants, or VAs, are responsible for completing a wide variety of tasks while working remotely, such as performing administrative tasks, keeping track of documents or finances, overseeing email management, or even providing customer service. The use of virtual assistants has become increasingly popular, and virtual administration is currently one of the fastest-growing remote job fields on the market.

Virtual assistants may be popular, but why do business owners hire them? This guide is designed for helping you understand all the reasons why hiring a virtual assistant might be an intriguing option for a full-time small business owner such as yourself, so that you can consider hiring a VA of your own for helping make life easier. Read on and learn all about what virtual assistants do and how and why they can provide support for workers in a wide range of fields.

Save Time And Money

A full-time employee is expensive: between their salary, benefits, and sick time, as well as office space, utilities, and other equipment, they can easily be too pricey for a small business owner to afford. In contrast, virtual assistants can be hired and paid on an as-needed basis, and they can work remotely from their own homes. 

Additionally, if you hire a VA who is already trained in the exact skill set you need, you don't need to spend extra time or money training them — they should be ready to get started right away, allowing them (and you!) to hit the ground running.

Another great benefit of virtual assistants is that they can be hired on whatever timescale. If your business would be best served by paying a VA for a set amount of hours each week for an indefinite amount of time, that's great — but you can also hire VAs for individual projects if that would work better for you. 

This kind of flexibility can let you hire specific VAs for specific projects, allowing you to truly maximize your efficiency. By searching for the exact VA you want and bringing them on board only when you need them, it’s easier keeping your operating costs low and your long-term productivity high.

Avoid Burnout

Being a full-time freelancer or small business owner is exhausting. It can be difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance when you feel like it's always time to focus on the next task. Virtual assistants can help take some of the pressure off of you by helping with tasks that are time-consuming but not tremendously important, such as checking your email, scheduling meetings, and sending out invoices to clients. By doing so, they are often able to identify ways to streamline certain workflows, which can help you save additional time in the future.

To further avoid frustration and burnout, VAs can be hired with specific skill sets that can help avoid tasks you dislike doing. 

For example, if you're not very tech-savvy, you can hire a VA with marketing experience to manage your social media; similarly, if you don't have much of a head for numbers, you might bring on a VA with an accounting background to help keep track of your expenses. 

By hiring a virtual assistant to work on the tasks you don't have the time or energy to complete, you can spend less time with your nose to the grindstone and more time doing the work you love to do.

Provide Customer Service

As your small business expands, so must your customer service capabilities. Virtual assistant services can be a godsend in this area, as VAs can provide help with a wide variety of customer service functions. 

From checking your voicemail and returning customers' calls to providing real-time customer support online, VAs can help ease your workload while also ensuring that your customers are satisfied enough to keep coming back for more.

Furthermore, because VAs operate all over the world, it’s possible to hire one or more in the time zone of your choice. Is your business is still small enough that you don't have a global customer base yet? Give your VA tasks that will help expand it. 

For example, you could allow your VA to generate reports on customer satisfaction or send out customer experience surveys to collect valuable data. Regardless of how large your small business is, you can start to expand your freelance operation into a global sales force simply by hiring a VA.

Handle Sudden Needs

A virtual assistant works whenever you need them to, so they can handle any sudden, high-priority issues that may pop up. For example, if you suddenly realize that you need to squeeze in a ton of research before an upcoming meeting, or you need to launch a time-sensitive digital marketing campaign as quickly as possible, a VA can be ready and willing to help out. In this way, virtual assistants' flexible working hours make them an extremely beneficial addition to many small businesses.

To maximize your VA's efficacy, consider boosting their productivity with the use of a freelance platform, such as Tispr. These platforms make it easy to generate contracts, invoices, and other forms. By allowing your VA to rapidly send out and track paperwork using a freelance platform, they'll be able to spend less time taking care of forms and more time able to help you with time-sensitive issues.

Is A Virtual Assistant Right For You?

If you're a freelancer looking towards expanding your small business, hiring a virtual assistant may be a good idea for you. Virtual assistants can help save you time and money, avoid burnout, provide customer service, and handle sudden, time-sensitive business developments. 

Maximizing your VA's efficiency and effectiveness with a freelance platform may also be another useful way of getting the most out of your VA. Regardless of what type of freelance work you do, a VA may be incredibly beneficial in helping you bring your small business to the next level.

Erica Rosas
Erica Rosas is one of the earliest team members at Tispr—joining the company when it was still being run out of the founder's apartment. Along the way, she has learned what drives independent professionals and workers and helped to make the product what it is today. Erica is a digital marketing specialist and has been writing for the blog since 2018.

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