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Website for hiring freelancer

The best websites to hire freelancers in the USA

Erica RosasErica Rosas
Erica Rosas
Erica Rosas

Finding a way of breaking into the freelance marketplace can be tough. Whether you're a freelance writer, graphic designer, or small business owner, it can be difficult to sort through all your options to find high-quality full-time freelance work online. Here's the good news: there are a ton of freelancer websites looking for freelance talent, and they're updated frequently, with new clients posting jobs nearly every day. Regardless of whether you want to start working remotely for the first time or you're a seasoned freelance pro, these are the best freelance websites that you can use for landing your next gig, showing off your skills, or make valuable connections. Read on and learn more about the top US freelancer sites.


One of the most popular freelance job sites that are currently active, Upwork caters towards both clients looking for freelancers and freelancers looking for clients. Freelancers are able to create profiles that list their hourly rates and qualifications, and they can bid on projects to be considered by clients. Because Upwork's freelancers also include licensed professionals such as freelance attorneys and engineers, there's room for freelancers with a wide variety of expertise on the site. However, although Upwork's clean interface and vast resources make it easy to navigate, some freelancers may wonder if it's cost-effective, as Upwork takes a 20% commission on each freelancer's earnings.


With a strong focus on technology, design, and coding, Freelancer.com is a popular site for finding freelancers online. Clients interested in hiring freelancers can post projects on the site, and freelancers are able to submit bids in order for winning a coveted assignment. With companies posting jobs frequently and former clients including giants such as Deloitte, NASA, Facebook, and Amazon, it's a great place to look for a high-quality gig. Despite its benefits, a 10% project fee is taken from each payment, which may be worth keeping in mind for the cost-conscious freelancer. However, if your work falls within Freelancer.com's sweet spot, it may be worth signing up and bidding on a few projects and seeing if it's a good fit for you.


Originally started as a website where all services cost $5, Fiverr is now a huge freelancer marketplace for both freelancers and their clients. The freelancer talent on Fiverr tends to comprise voiceover artists, video editors, and digital marketing experts, although it's also home to plenty of writers, musicians, and logo designers. Fiverr also allows freelancers to add videos to their profiles or packages to their "gig page," thus allowing clients to see everything that each potential freelancer has to offer. Because Fiverr currently doesn't have fees for its freelancers, it may be a cost-effective option for freelancers whose products and services are less pricey than others.

LinkedIn ProFinder

Clients who are looking for freelancers to help with their projects may choose LinkedIn ProFinder, a smaller but still widely utilized tool on LinkedIn. Clients have the option to look for a specific "provider," or freelancer, or they can utilize the ProFinder's algorithm for generating a potential shortlist of candidates. Then, the client can reach out to their preferred provider in order to begin working together. One major pro of LinkedIn ProFinder is that because it's run on LinkedIn, you most likely already have an impressive resume listed on their site. All you need to do is make your profile public and enable the Showcase services feature to allow potential clients to reach out to you directly. Additionally, because it's a relatively new feature, getting in on the ground floor of this new service may provide you with unique opportunities.


If you're a freelancer in the world of media, Mediabistro may be the perfect freelance job site for you. In addition to posting full-time job listings, Mediabistro also offers freelance opportunities for writers, copywriters, editors, and more. Even better, Mediabistro also offers a well-rounded training program, which allows you to hire trainers in order to learn more about a wide variety of topics, from mastering inclusive editing to learning how to network as an introvert. With these tools under your belt, as well as access to jobs listed from such high-profile companies as HBO, FOX, and NBC, you should be able to freelance your way to success using Mediabistro.


As is evident by its name, Flexjobs is a website committed to helping people find flexible remote work. Thus, Flexjobs is perfect for people looking for full-time remote employment in addition to freelancers looking for new clients or work. Although job seekers do need to pay to access Flexjobs, with prices ranging from $7 for one week to $50 for one year, they don't need to bid on projects or pay service fees for client payments. Finally, because Flexjobs vets its freelancers and hirers, it's easier to sort through undesirable listings and find one that works for you. If you're looking for freelance work or even just a part-time gig for generating some supplemental income, Flexjobs may be the perfect freelance job website for you.


Whether you're new to freelance work or looking at exploring a new corner of the freelance marketplace, the Internet is full of US freelancer sites that can be critical for introducing you to new clients. Before joining one or more of the sites listed above, don't forget to read up on how you can put your best foot forward when looking for a freelance job online. Even the most qualified freelancer won't get very far without a detailed profile, carefully thought-out pitch template, and strong online presence.

Something else that can be beneficial for freelancers is the use of a freelance platform, such as Tispr. These platforms are a great way for achieving success as a freelancer, as they can help with generating and sending out contracts and invoices, using task trackers that remind you to check new job postings, and allowing you to draft up proposals and send to prospective clients. No matter what line of work you're in, a freelance platform can be a helpful supplement to your favorite freelance job websites.

Erica Rosas
Erica Rosas is one of the earliest team members at Tispr—joining the company when it was still being run out of the founder's apartment. Along the way, she has learned what drives independent professionals and workers and helped to make the product what it is today. Erica is a digital marketing specialist and has been writing for the blog since 2018.

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