Meet Monroe Alvarez, Photographer & Leather Worker

It was our absolute pleasure just to be in the presence of this creative force of nature on a recent tispr video shoot. Calling her multitalented doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface, as you can add modeling, creative directing, leather working, and photographing to Monroe’s varied portfolio.

When asked why she strives after the things she does and what keeps her going, this natural beauty replies:

“I want to own a few businesses that people love to work at. I want to be the type of boss that my co-workers look up to and respect. I want to make a difference in people’s lives.”

And that she has - Monroe’s impacted editors enough at W Magazine, Livefast Magazine, Huffington Post, Basic Magazine and Crave Online to feature her work in full-page articles, and her “MadeByMo” leather items continue to sell out. For fellow creatives hoping to make their passions into a reality, Monroe advises:

“Write down your goals and every day do something that goes towards them. No matter how little or big, something is always better than nothing.”

So why not start now? Comment below with one action step you’re going to make TODAY to move you closer to your goal - tispr and Monroe are behind you!

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