Meet Dionne Phillips, Founder of D'Lashes

This beauty pioneer started playing around with eyelash extensions during her acting/modeling days, and since then has become the premier authority in faux lashes! You may’ve heard of a couple of her clients (Naomi Campbell, Renee Zellweger or Victoria Beckham ring a bell?!), and that’s just a sampling of celebs whose peepers Dionne keeps camera-ready.

When asked why she does what she does, this beautiful, bubbly boss lady replies:

“I have a passion for beauty and fashion which gives me the opportunity to explore that with each client/Lashette! Also, I do what I do because it makes each and every client feel happy and more secure in their skin.”

An admirable feat, and one that’s clearly working as it’s led to her being invited to the sets of Extra, Access Hollywood, Good Morning America, Style Network, and The Doctors to name a few! For fellow beauty gurus aspiring to follow in her lashed-out footsteps, Dionne advises:

“Go with your gut. I say it’s how God is speaking to you to guide you into your next journey of life. Don’t ever waver from your gut feeling. It’s real, it’s authentic, and it’s your “knowing!”

Well what we know for sure is that for this Hollywood “secret” beauty weapon, the secret’s out! ;)

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