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freelancer writing content marketing proposal

How to Create a Content Marketing Proposal That Closes

Emily Schmidt
Emily Schmidt

A content marketing proposal is an essential step in landing new clients. It helps you do the research to determine how you accomplish their needs, how much time it will take, and how much it will cost. 

We’ve got you covered in sharing the essential components of a content marketing proposals with specific examples you can use when putting together your own.

How to Structure your Content Marketing Proposal

There are many different ways of putting together a content marketing proposal. We’ll discuss later how this should be presented - whether in a document, app, or presentation. Regardless of the way it comes together, the structure of the proposal looks similar.

Overview & Goals

The first section is typically the overview and goal which gives purpose to your pitch. It helps shape all that’s to come. Client’s goals for content marketing can vary from: 

  • Increasing organic traffic
  • Content engagement
  • Product conversions

Understanding your client’s goals is imperative to put together a successful proposal and will shape the scope of work, pricing, and timeline.

Scope of Work

The scope of work for a content marketing proposal can widely vary depending on the client’s goals. In this section, get to the specifics of what you will be providing. Having deliverables or things that are tangible - something the client can see and point to is important. Whether this is a myriad of articles, strategy deliverables, or a content calendar, map it out. 

Content Strategy

Content strategy is often part of content marketing proposals and scopes. This is the foundational work to help determine what’s needed to succeed. From audience personas to competitive analyses, there are several different considerations to think about to accomplish the client’s goals.

Types of Content

One of the most prominent types of content in the freelancing world are articles, blogs, and landing pages. However, there are several different types of content that should be outlined. 

Consider what types of content you are either going to create or strategize. For example:

  • Social media posts
  • Website pages
  • Ad copy 
  • Blogs & articles
  • Resources & guides
  • Videos 

If you are putting together a proposal for content execution outline how many of each type of content they will be receiving within the scope. 

If the proposal is being pitched on an hourly basis instead of a project basis, you can instead outline the goals of content creation per week or per month.

The more specific you can get in a proposal the better.


Inside of the scope of work for a content marketing proposal it may be relevant to include how often you will be delivering the pieces of content. This may be on a daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis but helps your potential client understand all the value they’ll be receiving and how often.


Earlier in the proposal, you should have outlined what the goals and objectives of the engagement are. The analytics are to outline how you are going to measure the goals. If the goal is simply the amount of content produced it may be simple to show these metrics. However, it’s rare that your client will only care about what is produced, not how well it’s doing. 

Helping them understand how often you will be reporting towards the goals shows them that you are actively engaged in making sure the goals are met.


The next section that should be included within your content marketing proposal is a timeline of the deliverables and engagement. This can include a kickoff timeline, when the project will get started, how long each deliverable will take, and what are the goals of what will be accomplished in each week or month.

Pricing & Fees

The pricing of content marketing proposals is likely the most important section for your clients. This isn’t always the case, but I have yet to meet a business that isn’t concerned about price. 

If you haven’t put together a scope of work before, there are a few things to consider when pricing out a project. 

1. Determine how much time each deliverable will take

You don’t have to communicate this to the client. As a freelancer and consultant people work at very different speeds. Something that takes one person 3 hours, might take you 1 hour or vice versa. Understand how long something takes you, vs how long the perception of how long it will take someone else when determining your pricing.

2. Figure out if you are going to charge hourly, by project or deliverable, or by retainer

Whenever I can I try and sell projects on a project or retainer basis. Sometimes this doesn’t make sense based on the client’s needs. However, determine what’s best for you and what’s best for your client. Sometimes these are the same thing, and sometimes they’re different. 

If you’re new to the game be confident in your proposal and why you chose the structure that you did.

3. Understand your experience and value to get an understanding of the going rate in the industry

At first, getting this information can be really challenging. Oftentimes as a freelancer, we only have exposure to the projects we’ve worked on and our network. This is a great time to expand your network. Go onto Reddit, Facebook Groups, or other communities where you’re able to ask questions about pricing freely.

Alternatively, start networking and having informational interviews to build your relationships. It can be challenging to talk about money and pricing, but the best information I’ve ever received has come from talking with people.

How to Present Your Content Marketing Proposal

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, a proposal can be presented in many different ways. The two most common proposal styles are documents and presentations/decks. 

When to format your content marketing proposal as a presentation vs a document

A presentation format is particularly valuable when you need to show more visual elements. This may occur if you’re showing examples of types of social media content you’d be creating, This is also true for video content storyboarding or other more visual components.

Many freelancers will also format their proposal as a presentation to try and show their clout. When they’re educating their potential clients about their brand, including testimonials, or aiming to go the extra mile. 

Based on your conversation with the client and the complexity of your proposal determine what’s right for you and your client. 

Proposals that are more simple and less visual in nature can create excellent proposals in a google doc. 

There are great ways to dress up a google doc to align with your branding and make sure that it looks professional. 

You might consider adding a cover page if you have strong branding. Go with what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and authentic.

Content Marketing Pitch Example

Below you’ll find a content marketing pitch example used by Tispr’s free proposal tool. This allows you to simply and easily fill in the different sections and electronically send it to your client.

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