The Gig Economy is here, and you’re ready

It’s a gig, it’s a side hustle, it’s the new American dream. Freelancing has always been part of the general labor force, but recently it has become exceedingly more common – thanks to our pals at Uber. Now it has a fancy new name: ~the gig economy~. Whatever you call it, this work is focused on independence, avoiding the typical 9-5, and working on your terms.

As you stare intently at your Uber driver and wonder if potential barf in your car is worth it, know that it’s not your only option for the cash or hours you want. (We’re totally not dissing Uber drivers. The last count rounded up 160,000 in 2015. So, sweet gig.) But you can optimize the skills you already have (besides driving) and sell them at your own price, and now is the best time to do so.

Originally only thought for the fancy fearless, freelancing has expanded in a big way. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 1 in 3 workers are now earning income from some form of freelancing, calling it the new Industrial Revolution. And the revolution is spreading — soon freelancers could make up as much as 50% of the workforce (WIRED), which makes sense since the demand is growing exponentially. Over the last 20 years, the number of “gig” jobs have increased by 27% more than payroll positions.

Gig jobs or freelancing includes literally any service you can think of. You can get paid for the things you’re already good at, no matter what stage in your career. Starting a freelance career is a lot easier than you think. tispr is the #1 free and easy mobile app for freelancers and independent professionals, connecting their skills with local businesses. Post your skills and the work comes to you.

There’s like, tons of work available (remember that 27%?). Hiring full-time employees is expensive for businesses, but they still need the work to get done. They have less responsibility and you’re able to negotiate your own pricing. And soon, you’re working, keeping all that sweet cash for yourself — you fancy entrepreneur, you.

In a survey of freelancers, 74% preferred being an independent worker and had no intention of returning to a full-time job (Future Workplace/Field Nation). Why? Because freedom is a sweet gig. But no pressure. Download tispr, take it for a spin and join the revolution.

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