Umar Dalati talks being a professional freestyle soccer player/performer

Proof that the talent on tispr knows no bounds, Umar Dalati's been perfecting his craft as a professional soccer freestyler every single day for the past 5 years - which is what helped him earn the highly coveted spot of our very first #toptispr of the week! Freestyle soccer is the art of self-expression with a soccer ball, while performing various tricks with multiple parts of the body. As Umar sees it, it's an art that takes thousands of hours of dedication and training in order to achieve absolute mastery and control with a ball, leading to a particular performance he calls "a one of a kind visual you won't see anywhere else in the world."

After his first year of freestyling Umar began performing professionally for major brands and companies, but beyond his entertainment services and performances he strives after a higher goal - spreading freestyle soccer throughout the U.S. and demonstrating to everyone that "all you really need is a ball!"

To learn more about Mr. Dalati or to catch him in action, please visit his YouTube or Instagram. And don't forget to keep checking out the explore tab of the tispr app so you never miss new and impressive offers like Umar's!

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