Do These 3 Things To Make Sure You Get Paid

When you’re a freelancer or small business owner, your work doesn’t stop when you deliver the final product. In fact, that’s when the most important part begins—getting paid! Check out the tips below to make sure you're always compensated for your time, effort, and talent.

1. Invoice ASAP

Always send your client an invoice as soon as a job is complete. This will get the ball rolling on payment and demonstrate that you’re organized and professional. The more seriously you take the invoicing process, the more likely your clients will take it seriously, too.

If you work with certain clients on a regular basis, consider setting up recurring invoices at weekly or monthly intervals—this way your client will know exactly when and how much to pay you for your services.

2. Get it in writing

Before you start working on any project, get the details in down on paper. A formal, written contract signed by both you and your client is the best way to protect your business and make sure you’re paid for the work you do moving forward.

In every contract, make sure to include the scope of work (don’t forget to build in time for revisions!), your rate, and any other specifics about final deliverables. This way there will be no confusion over what you’ll be paid at the end of the gig—plus, you’ll have a clear picture of what you client is expecting from you.

3. The more payment options, the better

It’s standard procedure to give your clients the option to pay with an old fashioned check, but if you want to see that money hit your bank account more quickly, offer more ways to pay. Options like PayPal transfer, credit cards or eChecks will help you get compensated faster. Because the easier you make it for clients to pay your invoice, the more likely they are going to pay it.

One last tip: Looking for an quick way to create custom invoices and contracts, plus receive payments from clients? Check out tispr’s powerful suite of business tools. You can pick and choose the tools you want to use—so you only pay for what your business needs.

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