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No Filter: A Day in the Life of Sebastian Gyr, CEO of Tispr

An inside look at visionary entrepreneur Sebastian Gyr’s day, who works in 15-minute cycles, never skips a meal and reads all his messages every day

Starting a business is one heck of an adventure. Running a tech start-up in LA, remodeling a house and raising two kids is what you’d call an extraordinary enterprise. So you can only imagine that Tispr CEO, Sebastian Gyr, is one busy guy.

It’s not surprising that he works, and lives, by a rigorous routine, where almost every minute, or “every 15 minutes” as he puts it, is planed. As the CEO of a startup you constantly need to look forward, you need to know where the ship is heading. But because the team is relatively small in comparison with your typical corporation and there's a democratic organization style, you also need to continually synchronize with the people you’re steering.

As such, piecing together what’s happening every hour of every day and linking it to an overall vision can make anyone’s day jam-packed. Let’s take a look:




Our very own Tispr CEO kicks off his days (not so) bright and early, as he gets up at 4:30 – 4:45 a.m. After hitting the snooze button twice, he always has coffee at home before leaving for work.

Gyr never skips breakfast, and in fact any of the 3 important meals of the day, whether he has it at home early in the morning or later on at the office.

Most of the days start with meetings with the office in Belarus. Due to the time difference, some of these meetings need to happen very early. But that’s not the reason why Sebastian rises so early, he says:

            “Morning is quiet. That’s the time I don’t get distracted, it’s when I can focus, it’s when I think.”

One thing he always makes time for is reading messages. He reads every single message posted in every channel of Tispr chat, every single morning. “I like to keep a tight pulse with the people” he says, “people give me energy”.

Tispr CEO Workday

Even though he likes to go by a strict routine, Gyr acknowledges that in the life of a startup, especially pre-launch, no two days are exactly the same. Priorities change, but his one priority for any day is to check everything off the list. This means everything he had set out to do for that day.

After the morning “quiet time”, he launches into a blistering schedule of meetings, planning, scoping and reprioritizing. He works in 15-minute cycles and, because he’s working on so many things, from engineering and design to marketing and finance, he always uses his breaks to change rooms or work spaces.

“It just helps me clear my head of what just happened and move to the next item on the list. The change in physical location helps me make the mental switch as well.”

The working day goes well into 6:30 – 7p.m and it never ends before all goals are reached. Sebastian has goals for everything: from small one for each day to more prominent ones for sprints or quarters, and truly ambitious ones for the whole. He even has objectives when it comes to his family.

In fact, he often draws a parallel between his family and his business: “All the values you have in your family, you should also have in your business. Your goals should always feel hard to reach, so that you can challenge yourself and embrace your failures.”

As he speeds through the day, and through the world, Gyr always wants to know, to feel the results. He believes all successes are tangible, or at least they should translate into something tangible.

“Success is a measurable unit that, when you snapshot, you can clearly see it has increased since the last time you did it. Focus goes hand in hand with that.”

The wind down 

Sebastian is well aware of his velocity and energy. But there’s a reason why he started everything early: married at 20, went on his own at 25. He considers time to be very precious. “But also the people you share it with”, he adds.

The evenings follow a routine, just as mornings and workdays do. He always picks up his son from school. It’s their 30 minutes together and no day goes by without that half an hour.

To stay in shape, Gyr hits the gym 3 times a week. He believes it’s important to stay fit, but he also considers the gym as break time, a place to relax and unwind.

Despite his crazy busy schedule, he always makes time for his family. Dinners usually happen in the family and the hour before bedtime, which is mostly around 11pm, is always dedicated to Anna, his wife.

But our Tispr CEO works so hard for a reason. When asked what he believes his company’s place is in this world, the answer came without hesitation:

“I want to own all of work. Tispr will be the world’s biggest work-related company”.

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