6 Productivity Tips For Working at Home

Working from home can be convenient, but it can also be tough to stay focused, or end the workday at a normal time. Here are some tips on how to be "your best" when you work from home.

1. Dress for success

Working in pajamas might sound comfortable, but it can make you feel like you’re in chill mode rather than productivity mode. Start the day with a shower and get dressed like you’re going into the office—it will set the tone for your day. Plus, if you have any unexpected video calls throughout your workday, you’ll be prepared to shine.

2. Stay on schedule with defined working hours

Start by setting up a daily work schedule. This helps create a productive routine, and creates boundaries for when your workday is done. When you work and relax in the same space, it can be easy to stay at your laptop longer than you should—setting well defined working hours will make it easier to stop checking email and answering business calls when it should be time to relax.

3. Set up a dedicated workspace

Choose a space in your home to be your office. It can be a whole room, a table, a desk, or even just a chair—but make it a place you only go when you’re working.

If you work from the same place daily, it mentally prepares you to hustle whenever you sit down at your desk. An added bonus? You can write off a portion of your rent if you use a home office specifically for business.

4. Stick to the plan with a to-do list

Time management is key to working from home. Creating a daily to-do list will get your workday off to a fast start and help prioritize your workload to meet deadlines. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the awesome feeling that comes with crossing another line off the list every time you tackle another task.

5. Give yourself a break

Schedule breaks into your day to get up and leave the house, even if it’s just for a walk around the block. When you have deadlines, it’s easy to get stuck sitting at the computer all day. But it’s actually good for your health (and your mind) to get up and move at least once every few hours. It will get your blood flowing and your mind working even stronger when you come back to your desk.

6. Get some human contact

Whether it’s scheduling video chats with coworkers or clients, meeting a friend for lunch, or making plans to go out after your workday ends, give yourself a chance to socialize every day. Because even though working from home is convenient, it can also get lonely.

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