6 Creativity Bloggers You Should Be Following

Reading a good blog feels like reading a mashup between someone’s diary and the inside workings of their brain. And when the author of that blog happens to be a great creative thinker, you end up not only learning a ton about how to create, but get inspired to make something of your own.

Here are six of the most interesting creativity blogs out there today, in case you ever need some inspiration or fresh ways of thinking.

1. Austin Kleon


Austin Kleon is a writer and artist who uses his blog as a platform to discuss ideas, art, music, parenting and more. His thoughtful posts are updated almost daily, and provide tons of food for thought for people looking to expand their creative capacities. Whether he’s sharing drawings or found poetry, discussing the book he’s currently devouring, or paying homage to other great artists, Kleon’s writing will make you think about art and creativity from lots of different angles—and hopefully spark your desire to create.

2. Gary Vaynerchuk


Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most passionate and energetic people in business today. With a no-nonsense approach to business, he tells it like it is and gives specific advice and feedback to those looking to start their own business. His frequent motivational posts, podcasts and videos tackle business, entrepreneurship and more. Plus, his intensity and fired up attitude will make you want to get after your goals, stat.

3. Grace Bonney


DesignSponge is a daily blog created and run by writer Grace Bonney, with the goal of making the art and design worlds personal. With a focus on beautiful homes, wonderfully decorated spaces, the latest decor trends and the people behind the designs, the site fosters thoughtful conversations and an inclusive community. Go for the breathtaking interior designs, stay for the  dose of creative inspiration.

4. Seth Godin


Seth is an entrepreneur, blogger and author who focuses on marketing in the digital age. You may be wondering why he’s included on this list of creative bloggers. Well, the answer is simple—in his frequent posts, he looks at business problems from new, creative perspectives and allows you to examine common scenarios you may face as a freelancer in a new way. Because after all, isn’t creativity just looking at things differently than normal? Steve Jobs thought so.

5. I Love Typography


This site is for all the design-minded out there, especially those who enjoy typography, lettering and type design. It’s frequently updated with posts that give insight into the history of type, fonts and printing, as well as celebrate all things type. Reading the posts will have you thinking of letters and design like never before, and might help you tackle whatever creative problem you’re working on, especially if you’re a designer.

6. Ads of the World


Advertising is an industry fueled by creativity, where writers and designers team up to come up with big ideas that capture the imagination of a culture. So it’s no surprise that a blog about the latest and greatest ads from all over the world is able to convey such a sense of creativity and promise. From ad school student work to international, award-winning agencies, this site will have you wishing you came up with the ideas it posts—and hustling to create something of your own.

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