5 Ways to Attract New Clients

If only finding new work as a freelancer was like the movie Field of Dreams - “if you build it, they will come.” But unfortunately, just because you’re talented, it doesn’t mean that clients will automatically come knocking at your door! Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some ways to help attract new clients to your business.   

1. Network with other freelancers

Talk with other people in your field to see if they have any tips on finding new clients. Having a group of fellow freelancers will provide a community where you can share advice about jobs, vent about the tough parts of freelance life and form connections that can help you land a new gig. Check out groups on Facebook or find likeminded creatives on Instagram to connect with other freelancers.

Building your professional network also provides another advantage—when other freelancers have too much work, they’re more likely to recommend you to their clients as an alternate option. So connecting with others is a win-win. You get an emotional boost from collaborating with others, and the possibility of new jobs, too. Check out our post on building your network to get started.

2. Create & share your work

Show off what you do best and put it out into the world. If you’re a photographer, go out and take the kinds of photos you’d like to be hired to do. And then post them to your site and social media feeds. The same thing goes for writers, designers, musicians…the list goes on and on. You don’t have to be hired to create something awesome. In fact, it could end up getting you your next job if the right person stumbles upon your work.

So get out there and create. After all, isn’t that why you got into this freelance business in the first place?

3. Keep your LinkedIn current

Make sure you have a LinkedIn profile that includes a professional headshot, a clear summary of you and your skills, up-to-date experience and a link to your portfolio (if applicable). Use relevant keywords in your summary and profile to help potential clients find you via search.

Contributing to the conversation can also help you get noticed. Create articles and post them to LinkedIn, and comment on articles relevant to your field. Many recruiters, hiring managers and clients themselves browse LinkedIn for talent. If you don’t have a presence there, you’re missing out on potential opportunities.

4. Channel your inner blogger

Even if writing isn’t your #1 skill, starting a blog about your business is a way to help people find you, and also position you as an expert in your field. Post consistently a few times a week and write about topics that pertain to your field and you find interesting. Use SEO search terms that can help potential clients or collaborators find your work organically. An added bonus? You might just learn new skills and make yourself better at your craft along the way.

5. Optimize your website

Even if your business website is established, it helps to take a hard look at it every so often to see if you can improve it. Make sure the work you have up is your latest and greatest, and double check that all your photos and links are functioning correctly. It’s easy to put your website on autopilot, but it needs maintenance every now and then to keep running smoothly.

Consider adding client testimonials, or updating your headshot and bio every so often to keep things fresh and up-to-date. Your website and portfolio are generally the place people will go first to check out your work and decide if they’d like to work with you, so keeping them as awesome as possible will definitely help your chances at finding a new gig.

These are all great places to start when you’re looking for ways to find new clientele for your business. If you follow these hacks and take a little time out of every day to work on finding new connections and clients, you’ll be growing your client roster before you know it.

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