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38 Ways to Be Productive at Home

Emily SchmidtEmily Schmidt
Emily Schmidt
Emily Schmidt

As we continue to move through our new normal, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite ways to be productive at home. Whether you are looking for productive hobbies to help your brain, soul, heart, or body, we’ve curated a list for you of different activities to consider. 

As a friendly reminder, self care is productive. A lot of people have been harsh on what it means to be productive in quarantine, and taking care of yourself in this moment can be just as valuable as learning a new skill, language, or organizing. 

Learning Skills

This is the most obvious way to be productive at home. There are so many ways to learn skills online from the comfort of your own home. Take some time to learn where you want to dedicate your time and what skill will be most valuable to you.

  • Learn an instrument through online programs or hiring a teacher virtually
  • Study a new language with an online tutor or apps like DuoLingo
  • Masterclass is a great online learning center that leverages people at the top of their industry to share their learnings
  • MOOCs stand for massive open online courses. There are dozens of platforms from MIT to Harvard that offer these courses online for free
  • Photography is a great skill to learn as a creative outlet or for business practices
  • Podcasts are a great mechanism for learning new skills in many ways
  • Watch a documentary about something you didn’t know before
  • Find a new game to play that will challenge your mind and help you learn more strategically 


Getting organized is a great productive hobby to stay on top of things and feel good. There’s great satisfaction that comes from organizing. Just ask Marie Kondo.

  • Deep cleaning! Clean out your junk drawers, do the dusting, clear out your closet. There are lots of ways to clear energy in your space
  • Declutter your inbox. Work to get to inbox zero and clean out the thousands of emails you’ve left unread over the years
  • Create an organization system for your cabinets, drawers, and fridge. This will help you maintain all of your organization efforts
  • Organize your computer from cleaning up your desktop, adding things to the cloud, and making it easy to find different files


There’s a surprising amount of networking you’re able to do from home! Virtual coffees can be invaluable in building connections, especially when you’re not looking for anything. Making connections before you need anything is a great way to prep for the future.

  • Virtual coffees are a great way to connect with your existing connections or new connections through Linkedin
  • Send Letters! Snail mail isn’t dead. Send a letter to someone you’re thinking about


Creating something is a great productive hobby! Whether it’s an artistic expression, making something to eat, or crafting, this helps you come out with something tangible for you to explore. 

One of my recent hobbies has been candle making, which has contributed so much to the atmosphere of my home and helps me relax at the end of the day.

Here are a few different ideas to get you started. 

  • Bake something and deliver it to your friends doorsteps or share with your housemates
  • Cook a meal or try out a new recipe
  • Sourdough Bread Making has been trending right now. Learn all about building a starter and making your own loaves
  • Embroidery is making a resurgence especially by modern artists. Start with some embroidery hoops for decorating your space
  • Start drawing! Use inspiration in your home, or look for daily drawing challenges online
  • Candle making is a great way to use your energy and have some cost affordable candles to put around your house. It’s a great way to recycle your used jars
  • Crocheting and knitting is a great way to make a hat, blanket, or scarf 
  • Paint something. Create even if it’s just blending colors together
  • Arrange flowers by buying some and creating bouquets around your home
  • Sew yourself something to wear whether something fun for a festival, or a simple item

Self Care

Self care is one of the most underrated ways of being productive at home. Many people don’t think that taking care of themselves, from taking a bubble bath, or stretching, is something that is just as productive as learning a new skill, but it is. 

Focusing on self care is an amazing way to support yourself in doing all of the things you make happen every day.

  • Going on a walk is a productive way to take care of yourself and reset
  • Physical therapy is actually something you can do at home to help strengthen and improve your body! We recommend MoveU’s program
  • Journaling is a productive way to help yourself process. Whether you’re fear setting, working out a problem, or releasing stress, it’s helpful.
  • Hop on an app for a workout to get in some cardio
  • Stretch at home to help keep your muscles limber and feeling good
  • Read a book whether it’s one you’ve read a million times, or has been on your list 

Personal Growth 

Focusing on working on yourself is something that will help you over your entire life. This isn’t an easy task, and one that takes a ton of time, but is well worth the effort. 

  • Meditation is a great way to get started on learning your mind and it’s patterns
  • Reading books around life philosophy is a helpful way to live an intentional life
  • Ted Talks are helpful in exploring your interests and getting inspired

Future Planning

The last area I’ll mention in this article is around future planning. Many anxious people will often spend so much of their time future planning, but planning in moderation can be a helpful tool to keep you looking ahead and prepared for your future.

  • Update your resume periodically so when you go for a job search you don’t have to dig through all your accomplishments
  • Meal Prep falls into the near future category, but can be a great way to feel productive and save money
  • Learn about investing and saving money if you haven’t already
  • Goal setting is a great way to revisit what you’re doing and how you’re spending your time. Whether it’s for your career or personally it’s a valuable tool
  • Money management. Take time to see where you’re spending your money and where your budget is going. Checking in with your expenditures will help you make more informed choices

There are many ways to be productive at home. If you're also interested in improving your focus while working from home, check out our article on How to Improve Your Focus at Work.

Emily Schmidt
Emily Schmidt has been freelancing full-time since August 2017. She's loved working with clients in multiple industries and expanding her skill-set. She particularly loves writing for freelancers to help share the knowledge she's gained over the last several years. Emily's currently living in Denver, Colorado working on a myriad of clients to support their content strategy, writing efforts, and SEO strategy.

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